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Joint Divorce

Joint Divorce Applications Can Be Used Where You and Your Spouse Agree to a Divorce

Joint Divorce Application Process

In addition to the usual rules and conditions for divorce which can be found on our Divorce page, this page discusses the specific requirements of a joint divorce application.  A joint divorce application is used where you are your spouse are both willing to proceed with an application for divorce.  A joint divorce application can often be faster and have lower costs than a sole divorce application due to simplified procedures.

When Should You Complete a Joint Divorce Application?

It is best to complete a joint divorce application if:

  1. You and your spouse agree to a divorce.

  2. Your spouse is willing to complete their section of the divorce application and return it to us.

Keep in mind if you prefer to avoid interacting with your spouse, our divorce lawyers can interact with them on your behalf to complete a joint divorce application.

Do I have to Notify My Spouse of My Address?

Whether you are completing a sole or joint divorce, you do not have to notify your spouse of your address if you have reason to keep this information private.  The primary reasons to not provide a spouse with an address is due to family violence or stalking behaviour.

Requirements of a Joint Divorce Application

With a joint divorce application, you and your spouse will need to both complete the appropriate section of a joint divorce application.  It is important that you both agree on key information such as the date of separation and arrangements for the welfare of any children.  Where there are disagreements the divorce can still be filed, however, the court may require further information to finalise any application for divorce before a divorce order is granted.

To get your joint divorce application started, contact our divorce lawyers for legal advice including on how divorce can affect your property and property settlement rights and on special circumstances.

There Are Two Types of Divorce Applications. Which Application is Right for You?


A divorce application can be either a sole filing or a joint filing of a divorce. Both options have different requirements and different procedural processes which you must know before applying.  Our divorce lawyers can assist you in making the best decision according to your circumstances.

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