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Melbourne Family Lawyer Reviews

Reviews from real clients, with real comments following real outcomes by our lawyers who care about providing quality services, ensuring we get great outcomes, and who demonstrate, time and again, how the craft of law should be practised.

Client 6

Law Services Review from Our Melbourne Office

Excellent Response and Communcation

Good to deal with and excellent response and communication.


Client 6

Litigation Document Assistance Review

Kind, Caring and Efficient

I highly recommend these Lawyers.
I was helped via phone email and video link, in a kind, caring and efficient way, that enabled me to resolve my issue with as little stress as possible, in as short a time as possible.


Client 6

Melbourne Family Lawyer Reviewer

Best Advice Ever

The best advice ever. Thank you!!


Client 6

Family Law Services Review

10 out of 10

Dear Mr. Brett Jones I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me.  Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries.  For potential clients seeking legal representation, I highly recommend Mr. Jones.

Thank you.

Sincerely P Bijelac

Client 6

Family Law Services Review

A Fantastic Job

I cannot recommend Juliana highly enough she done a fantastic job representing me.


Client 6

Litigation and Divorce Law Service Review

Very Happy with His Work

Used Brett ever since he was with my family lawyers and contined to use him through other matter, very happy with how he goes about his work. Would recommend to anyone


Client 6

Legal Services Review

Made the Process Stress Free

Brett Jones provided me with legal advice on a legal matter and gave directions on what to do. He was very professional in every way and made the process stress free.


Client 6

Divorce Law Services Review

I Highly Recommend

Brett and Renee have assisted me greatly through my separation and provided me with clear direction and advice on what to expect every step of the way. They did a great job explaining everything to me clearly and always had my best interests in mind. This made me feel more confident and in control of the entire process. Going above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome for me, I highly recommend Freemont Family Lawyers.


Client 6

Made Bad Claim Go Away Review

Destroyed the Claim for What it Was

Had an occasion to defeat a particularly nasty accident outcome involving a driver trying to claim my fault and use without my knowledge the insurance on my car.

As I was clearly not at fault and thought nothing of the bingle deciding to pay for my own repairs amounting to $80 I was shocked to receive a demand from an insurance companies debt collector.

Brett Jones handled the claim from start to finish and completely destroyed the claim for what it was.  I am more than happy with the outcome and the payment terms.


Client 6

Melbourne Litigation Client Review

He Went Above and Beyond

I can't recommend Brett Jones highly enough. He represented me in relation to property and parenting. Brett's approach was reassuring, reasonable and took the stress out of a really difficult and challenging time. He went above and on top of what would be expected, with great communication right the way through. If you have Brett's representation, you know you will be well looked after.


Client 6

Family Law Advice Review

Thorough, Attentive, Sympathetic

Thorough, attentive, sympathetic, informative and completely professional from start to finish. Highly recommend!


Client 6

Family Law Matter Review

Sound Advice...Look After Me

Offered sound advice regarding a Family Law matter whilst also keeping in mind the human side to the issue. His honest and empathetic advice was given considering the financial cost benefit if i pursue. If my matter were to escalate i would definitely go back to Brett to look after me!!


Client 6

Legal Services Review

I Felt Listened To, Heard and Understood

Brett offered really amazing advice, I was very impressed with the level of compassion, professionalism, and expertise shown by Brett. He offered practical, pragmatic advice and I felt listened to, heard, and understood. I could tell that Brett genuinely cared and I am very grateful for the support and advice which he offered! Thanks Brett, highly recommend!


Client 6

Online Legal Review

Attention to Detail

Mr Brett Jones has an incredible knowledge of the simple pitfalls that you can fall into.
I have found his attention to detail and professionalism to be a resounding asset to work with.

He has lots of time to understand the bugs you face and can cut through the jargon that is used to bully by large and highly financed businesses.

I would wholeheartedly recommend to phone him and just try the service.

You really have nothing to lose just to get your problems in a line to sort out.


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