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We are immensely proud to provide dedicated Pakenham Family Layers and family law services to the people of Pakenham. When locals in and around Pakenham need quality legal services and legal advice from a local they can trust, with a Pakenham office, they turn to us.

With knowledge of the courts used for Pakenham, local service providers and the local culture, we are leading Pakenham Family Lawyers in obtaining favourable outcomes for our family law clients.

Pakenham Family Law Services

Pakenham Lawyers Free Phone Consultation

Speak with our Pakenham Family Lawyers for a free 30 minute phone consultation and learn about your options with general advice and information.

Pakenham Family Law Property Settlement

With a Pakenham Office and local knowledge, we help our clients achieve favourable property settlement outcomes.

Pakenham Family Law Parenting & Children Lawyers

When parents separate or after separation, resolving issues around whom the children live with, spend time with and communicate with can be made easier with high quality family law advice.

Pakenham Divorce & Separation

Whether you are facing a divorce or de facto separation, change is going to happen.  What if that change could be made easier with the right help and legal advice?

As dedicated family lawyers, we focus on providing high-quality legal advice and strategic representation in the timely resolution of complex family law disputes.

We understand family law, we practice family law every day and we know the stakes for our clients.  Family law matters deal with the lives of children, divorce and separation and a lifetime of work toward property and relationships, and your future wellbeing.

That's why when clients come to Freemont Family Lawyers Pakenham, they know they are getting the most competent, dedicated, strong and strategic representation to achieve a favourable outcome.

Don't leave your family law matter to just any lawyer, contact Freemont Family Lawyers Pakenham.


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Address: 18 Main Street, Pakenham Victoria

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Fax: 03 6145 0368

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Please book an appointment before attending our Pakenham Office to ensure staff availability.

Freemont Family Lawyers Pakenham
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Why choose Freemont Family Lawyers as your Family Law Lawyer in Pakenham?

We only practice in family law and related areas.  This means we have the highest levels of competence and excellence in family law.

As we only practice in family law, we understand, the emotions that clients often experience when they go through family changes and provide an understanding and supportive legal service.


We provide a holistic family law service and can help you with all of your needs including separation, divorce, property and financial settlement, parenting disputes, child arrangements, intervention orders and child protection issues.

Our family lawyers in Pakenham provide competitive fees and we take extra care of our clients to ensure they are given the help they need to understand the often-complex nature of family law, their rights and options so we can get the best outcome for our clients.

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