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What to Wear When Attending Court

The courts are part of the judiciary which is one of the three arms of government that help maintain our lawful society.

The courtroom is a busy and formal environment. The magistrates, judges, solicitors and barristers wear formal attire, and during legal hearings, they may also wear robes. When attending court, you should wear formal or business attire. If you do not have formal or business clothing, you should wear your best and most respectful outfit.

If possible, try to keep the clothing colours and tones neutral with blacks, greys, blues and whites. Save the bright colours for a day at the races. In a courtroom if you wear red, pink or bright colours you are likely to stand out and attracting attention in a courtroom is not always a good thing.

If you do not wear formal or business attire, avoid offensive slogans or clothing that will reasonably give offence. If you wear offensive clothing a magistrate or judge may give you a lecture or in rare instances, they have even found people to be in contempt of court.

Avoid wearing t-shirts, thongs, shorts, short skirts or clothing that is too revealing. If you have tattoos, cover the tattoos with clothing where possible.

Dressing well will help to show self-respect and that you respect one of our vital government services which helps many people resolve disputes and disagreements.

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