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Parenting Plan to Vary Court Orders

Parents Can Vary Most Court Orders for Children Through a Parenting Plan, Helping Adapt to Change

Varying Court Orders by Parenting Plan

Ordinarily, parenting court orders can be changed by written agreement between the parents and anyone else subject to the parenting orders, through a Parenting Plan.

Court Orders Preventing Modification

Parenting orders can be varied by parents through a written parenting plan unless the court orders state that the parents cannot vary the orders.  As orders are drafted for each specific case, the only way you will know if your court orders allow modification is to carefully read the orders or have family lawyers like us review them.

The way courts tell parents they cannot amend parenting orders is by the inclusion of the term "until further order" or similar words.  If these words appear, a variation of a particular order or the orders that the restriction applies to can only be varied through a further court order by an Application for Consent Orders or other court application.

Varying Court Orders by Parenting Plan

Provided there is no restriction in the orders, you can vary the court orders.  The changes can be a small change to the existing orders or if the changes would be confusing, you can make substantial changes and use the parenting plan as your primary document to guide parenting arrangements.

Our family lawyers can help you vary your court orders with a parenting plan or court application and give you legal advice about parenting matters.

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With Parenting Plans and Consent Orders, Parents Remain in Control

There are different ways to agree on parenting arrangements without the need for court proceedings.  You can choose a parenting plan or consent orders depending on which circumstance is right for you.

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